How Quality
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A trip to DnaBio world
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Every day we produce healthy dishes, because we cherish their production processes and the authenticity of their ingredients.

a Natural and Ancient Process

In DnaBio the wisdom of rural tradition is an important value: since we dry our ingredients at a low temperature (42 °C), they preserve their original nutritional values to create nutritionally rich authentic food.

Made from 100% Italian fruit and vegetables

Every DnaBio product is born from the care given to every aspect of the production. That’s why we choose only excellent ingredients for our products: 100% Italian fruit and vegetables, from selected Organic and Biodynamic agriculture.


The DnaBio Cup can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Thanks to its space-saving packaging you can take it wherever you want and make it in just a few minutes: just add hot water or a plant-based drink, let it sit and enjoy it at home or at work, with no fuss.


A perfect balance between a light and delicious taste, full of energy.

DnaBio Cup products are suitable for any time of the day because they are nutritionally balanced: they are rich in proteins and fibres, to give you the right boost at all times, but with a low level of carbohydrates, to have a light meal.

100% bio

100% vegan


A seed planted many years ago ...

“When I was a child, my Grandfather Nazzareno and I used to walk together in the sunny countryside of Romagna. When he farmed the land with love and devotion, I ran happily in the fields, picking up clovers and eating lupines. I owe him the respect and love for expertly crafted items and his farming and preservation methods: still alive and at the core of our DnaBio philosophy.”

The fruits of an Ancient Tradition

Today those principles are still valid. Drying at low temperature allows us to serve organic food with preserved nutritional properties, in practical Cups that you can eat everywhere and make with little effort..

New buds to Grow

At DnaBio we cherish the production processes of our products and we aim to follow them from sowing the seeds to creating the dish. Therefore, we dream of growing the raw materials that, today, are carefully selected.